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Uncertain. An adjective in *-ni reflecting possibly Proto-Indo-European *sek- ‎(to coagulate, dry out) or *seh₁k- ‎(to arrive), but with semantic problems. Cognates would then include Ancient Greek ἦκα ‎(êka, slightly, slowly, a little) and ἥσσων ‎(hḗssōn, inferior, weaker, smaller).

Otherwise, if not related to Ancient Greek words, possibly from Proto-Indo-European *seg- ‎(to stick, adhere), with acceptable semantic shift from "sticky" to "inert". In both cases the long vowel possibly reflects an original root noun, or otherwise remains unexplainable.



sēgnis m, f ‎(neuter sēgne); third declension

  1. slow, tardy, torpid, inactive, unenergetic, lazy


Third declension, neuter nominative singular in -e.

Number Singular Plural
Case/Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
nominative sēgnis sēgne sēgnēs sēgnia
genitive sēgnis sēgnis sēgnium sēgnium
dative sēgnī sēgnī sēgnibus sēgnibus
accusative sēgnem sēgne sēgnēs sēgnia
ablative sēgnī sēgnī sēgnibus sēgnibus
vocative sēgnis sēgne sēgnēs sēgnia