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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin sēlēctiō (selection), from sēlēctus (selected), past participle of sēligō (I select; I cull).

The sense “national team” is from the idea that a national team is formed by a selection of a country’s best sportsmen.



seleção f (plural seleções)

  1. selection (the process or act of selecting)
    A seleção de animais para o abate.
    The selection of animals for slaughter.
  2. selection (the elements which are chosen in a selection)
    Lerei uma seleção de livros.
    I will read a selection of books.
  3. (sports) a sports team that represents a region or organisation, such as a national sports team
    A seleção italiana de futebol venceu quatro vezes a copa mundial.
    The Italian national football team won the world cup four times.
  4. (biology) a process by which certain beings are excluded from the chance of passing their genes to future generations
    A seleção natural garantiu a sobrevivência dos homens.
    Natural selection guaranteed man’s survival.


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