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From servus +‎ -tūs.



servitūs f (genitive servitūtis); third declension

  1. slavery, servitude
    • 405 CE, Jerome, Vulgate Exodus.20.2
      Ego sum Dominus Deus tuus, qui eduxi te de terra Aegypti, de domo servitutis.
      I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative servitūs servitūtēs
genitive servitūtis servitūtum
dative servitūtī servitūtibus
accusative servitūtem servitūtēs
ablative servitūte servitūtibus
vocative servitūs servitūtēs


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    • to languish in slavery: servitute premi (Phil. 4. 1. 3)
    • to enslave a free people: liberum populum servitute afficere
    • to reduce to slavery: aliquem in servitutem redigere
    • to lay the yoke of slavery on some one: alicui servitutem iniungere, imponere
    • to keep the citizens in servile subjection: civitatem servitute oppressam tenere (Dom. 51. 131)
    • to carry off into slavery: aliquem in servitutem abducere, abstrahere
    • to submit to the yoke of slavery: iugum servitutis accipere
    • to shake off the yoke of slavery: iugum servitutis excutere
    • to shake off the yoke of slavery: servitutem exuere (Liv. 34. 7)
    • to deliver some one from slavery: ab aliquo servitutem or servitutis iugum depellere
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