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sex +‎ -bot


sexbot ‎(plural sexbots)

  1. (science fiction) A robot designed to have sexual intercourse with humans.
    • 2000, Richard Rhodes, Visions of technology
      Jealous wives may destroy sexbot rivals and sue the manufacturer.
    • 2000, Joseph N Pelton, e-Sphere: the rise of the world-wide mind
      Another way that virtual entertainment might go is in the direction of the so-called sexbot. This would be a robotic device with artificial skin []
    • 2002, Jason Sullivan, The Dark Yergall
      Having a sexbot had turned out to be more than Nosir had anticipated.
    • 2006, David N L Levy, Robots unlimited: life in a virtual age
      Given that people become addicted to all sorts of pleasures from slot machines to e-mail, sexbot addiction might be inevitable []