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From s' +‎ egin.


shegin (past and conditional begin, dependent form negin)

  1. it is necessary, one must, one has to
    Negin goll ayns shen?
    Is it necessary to go there?
    Begin dou screeu eh.
    I had to write it.
    Shegin da'n voir aym loayrt rhyt.
    My mother must speak to you.
    Shegin dooin loayrt Gaelg, nagh negin dooin?
    We have to speak Manx, don't we?
    as begin daue jannoo speinaghayn jeh fuyghand they had to make spoons of wood

Usage notes[edit]

The subject of English must or have to is rendered as the object of the preposition da; the verb is rendered as a verbal noun.