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short-handed (comparative more short-handed, superlative most short-handed)

  1. Alternative form of shorthanded
    • 1997, John Davidson and John Steinbreder, Hockey for Dummies,[1] John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 9780764550454, page 239:
      His final goal was short-handed and came with less than two minutes left.
    • 2003, Max Allan Collins, Cold Burn, ISBN 074348066X, page 135:
      Pearl, holding down the hostess station, explained: “Amy's helping in the kitchen—short-handed back there. Short-handed everywhere in 7.
    • 2003, Ken Warren, Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em, ISBN 1580420850, page 374:
      Short-handed games are not made for beginners. If you're contemplating taking a seat in a short-handed game, the very most important thing you need to know is exactly what the skill levels are of the players.


short-handed (comparative more short-handed, superlative most short-handed)

  1. In a short-handed manner.
    • 1953, The Labour Gazette - Volume 53, Issue 10, page 1481:
      The present Section, where the vessel sails short-handed, permits the payment of shorthand pay, but there is a clause in that contract which hoists it if the vessel sailing short-handed is due to the misconduct of any crew member.