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short bus (plural short buses)

  1. (US, slang) A shorter school bus, typically equipped with a wheelchair lift, used for transporting children who are physically disabled or who are being educated in special programs, often for learning disabilities.

Derived terms[edit]


short bus (not comparable)

  1. (US, slang, derogatory) Stupid; dumb; slow.
    Synonym: (colloquial, derogatory) retarded
    • 2000, Jayson Williams, Steve Friedman, Loose Balls, page 55:
      We had an "all short bus” crew on that team. We were the short-bus crew of the league.
    • 2010, Stacey Jay, Undead Much, Penguin, →ISBN:
      “What's baffling is how you manage to make a perfectly cute miniskirt look so fugly.” “It's the cable tights.” Alana smacked her gum. “They're totally short bus.” “Short bus means retarded, idiot,” Monica said, turning on Alana with a critical glare. “Right, those tights are retarded. Right?”
    • 2013, Brian Allen Carr, Short Bus, Texas A&M University Press, →ISBN:
      Short Bus Pappi likes to pop-lock, which is funny to watch because he's retarded and he's got no neck. He likes to dance, and he likes rap music. That morning he held his fingers out as though barrels of guns.
    Dave's not too bright - probably was a short bus kid when he was younger.