show someone the door

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Alternative forms[edit]


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show someone the door (third-person singular simple present shows someone the door, present participle showing someone the door, simple past showed someone the door, past participle showed someone the door or shown someone the door)

  1. (idiomatic) To escort someone to the exit of the premises; to expel someone from a room, gathering, etc.
    • 1913, Jeffrey Farnol, The Amateur Gentleman, ch. 29:
      "[N]o man shall laugh at me now that I'm down. Show him the door, Dig."
  2. (idiomatic, by extension, especially of a person) To dismiss, fire, or reject; to exclude someone who was formerly included.
    • 1939, "Here's Your Hat!," Time, 3 April:
      The medical profession, by its drift toward specialization, is handing the family doctor his hat and showing him the door.
    • 2008, Bruce DePuyt, "Sweeping the Red Out of Our Region," Washington Post, 9 Nov., p. B08 (retrieved 24 Aug. 2009):
      In Maryland, Rep. Connie Morella, a skillful, conscientious politician, was ousted. . . . The always-charming Morella . . . provided great constituent service. . . . Still, voters showed her the door.