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side +‎ board


sideboard (plural sideboards)

  1. (furniture) A piece of dining room furniture having drawers and shelves for linen and tableware; originally for serving food.
    Synonyms: buffet, cupboard (obsolete)
  2. A board or similar barrier that forms part of the side of something.
    • 2000, William Gay, Provinces of Night, page 196:
      Fleming watched the sideboarded truck diminish down the rolling hillside, the stackers atop the hay clutching the sideboards and swaying and bouncing toward the barn.
  3. (in the plural, chiefly Britain) Sideburns.
  4. (collectible card games) A set of cards that are separate from a player's primary deck, used to customize a match strategy against an opponent by enabling a player to change the composition of the playing deck.
    • 1995, Larry W. Smith, Learn Magic Cards, →ISBN, page 80:
      Cards can only be exchanged between the playing deck and the sideboard on a one-to-one basis between duels or matches, and any number of cards, up to fifteen, can be exchanged at once.
    • 1995, George Baxter & ‎Larry W. Smith, Mastering magic cards, →ISBN:
      Many of your best chances to overcome opposing decks lie in the development of a strong sideboard.
    • 2006, John Kaufeld & ‎Jeremy Smith, Trading Card Games For Dummies, →ISBN, page 61:
      If you plan on playing in tournaments, you'll want to construct a sideboard for your deck.
    • 2010, Kelly Nicole Czarnecki, Gaming in Libraries, →ISBN, page 54:
      They can have a 15-card sideboard or no sideboard. The sideboard can be used to replace cards in the deck after each game.
  5. (fishing) A restriction on using the right to catch a certain number of fish that was granted in relation to a different fishery.
    • 2012, Federal Register - Volume 77, Issue 50, page 15226:
      Conversely, in fisheries with increasing sideboards, economic benefit could be denied to the sideboarded sectors.



sideboard (third-person singular simple present sideboards, present participle sideboarding, simple past and past participle sideboarded)

  1. (collectible card games) To include (a card) in one's sideboard.
    • 1995, Charles Wolfe, Deep Magic:
      Hopefully you now have a strong grasp on how to sideboard effectively.
    • 1996, George Baxter, Tables of Magic, page 43:
      This will cause an opponent to suffer from a number of his newly sideboarded cards, now useless to him.
    • 2002, Steve Frohnhoefer, ‎Michael Searle, Magic: The Gathering Online : Prima's Official Strategy Guide:
      Frantic Purification can be sideboarded to destroy an enchantment, but it shouldn't be drafted unless you have no choice.
  2. To add sideboards to.
    • 1917, The Lumber Manufacturer and Dealer - Volume 60, page 50:
      Wood used at the Natioual Guard camps will include flooring for tents. Tents will also be sideboarded for a distance of about three feet up from the ground.
    • 1970, Jagman Singh, On and with the earth, page 273:
      The additional load capacity made available by sideboarding is gained by making the scraper bowl taller without increasing the bowl width.
    • 2004, The North Dakota Quarterly - Volume 71, Issues 1-2, page 67:
      The Missouri, that grand, sprawling, unpredictable serpent has been sideboarded and tamed, its occasional venom squeezed for the foreseeable future from its muddy fangs.

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