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side +‎ board


sideboard (plural sideboards)

  1. (furniture) A piece of dining room furniture having drawers and shelves for linen and tableware; originally for serving food.
    Synonyms: buffet, (obsolete) cupboard
  2. A board or similar barrier that forms part of the side of something.
    • 2000, William Gay, Provinces of Night, page 196:
      Fleming watched the sideboarded truck diminish down the rolling hillside, the stackers atop the hay clutching the sideboards and swaying and bouncing toward the barn.
  3. (collectible card games) A set of cards that are separate from a player's primary deck, used to customize a match strategy against an opponent by enabling a player to change the composition of the playing deck.
    • 1995, Larry W. Smith, Learn Magic Cards, →ISBN, page 80:
      Cards can only be exchanged between the playing deck and the sideboard on a one-to-one basis between duels or matches, and any number of cards, up to fifteen, can be exchanged at once.
    • 1995, George Baxter & Larry W. Smith, Mastering magic cards, →ISBN:
      Many of your best chances to overcome opposing decks lie in the development of a strong sideboard.
    • 2006, John Kaufeld & Jeremy Smith, Trading Card Games For Dummies, →ISBN, page 61:
      If you plan on playing in tournaments, you'll want to construct a sideboard for your deck.
    • 2010, Kelly Nicole Czarnecki, Gaming in Libraries, →ISBN, page 54:
      They can have a 15-card sideboard or no sideboard. The sideboard can be used to replace cards in the deck after each game.
  4. (fishing) A restriction on using the right to catch a certain number of fish that was granted in relation to a different fishery.
    • 2012, Federal Register - Volume 77, Issue 50, page 15226:
      Conversely, in fisheries with increasing sideboards, economic benefit could be denied to the sideboarded sectors.



sideboard (third-person singular simple present sideboards, present participle sideboarding, simple past and past participle sideboarded)

  1. (collectible card games) To include (a card) in one's sideboard.
    • 1995, Charles Wolfe, Deep Magic:
      Hopefully you now have a strong grasp on how to sideboard effectively.
    • 1996, George Baxter, Tables of Magic, page 43:
      This will cause an opponent to suffer from a number of his newly sideboarded cards, now useless to him.
    • 2002, Steve Frohnhoefer, Michael Searle, Magic: The Gathering Online : Prima's Official Strategy Guide:
      Frantic Purification can be sideboarded to destroy an enchantment, but it shouldn't be drafted unless you have no choice.
  2. To add sideboards to.
    • 1917, The Lumber Manufacturer and Dealer - Volume 60, page 50:
      Wood used at the Natioual Guard camps will include flooring for tents. Tents will also be sideboarded for a distance of about three feet up from the ground.
    • 1970, Jagman Singh, On and with the earth, page 273:
      The additional load capacity made available by sideboarding is gained by making the scraper bowl taller without increasing the bowl width.
    • 2004, The North Dakota Quarterly - Volume 71, Issues 1-2, page 67:
      The Missouri, that grand, sprawling, unpredictable serpent has been sideboarded and tamed, its occasional venom squeezed for the foreseeable future from its muddy fangs.

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