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From side +‎ boy.


sideboy (plural sideboys)

  1. (nautical) One of an even-numbered group of seamen posted in two rows on the quarterdeck when a visiting dignitary boards or leaves the ship, historically to help (or even hoist) him aboard.
  2. (US, colloquial) A small dresser; a drinks cabinet.
    • 1940, Raymond Chandler, Farewell, My Lovely, Penguin 2010, p. 125:
      He had a nice breath. Haig and Haig at least. ‘You've been at the sideboy again,’ I said.
    • 1989, Larry Collins, Maze:
      More discreetly set on the sideboy were bottles of vodka and whiskey and a box of Cuban cigars.
    • 2000, Robert William Bruce, Power Vortex:
      A coffeepot was perking on a sideboy and the two men poured a cup of Kona before sitting down in comfortable leather covered chairs.