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According to SAOB online: via Middle Low German sīfer, sīfere from Old French cifre,[1] from...

According to Svensk etymologisk ordbok: via late Old High German cifre from Old French cifre,[2] from...

... Medieval Latin cifra, from Arabic صِفْر (“zero, empty, nothing”), calqued from Sanskrit शून्य (śūnya), formed from Proto-Indo-European *ḱówH-. NEO and SO claim direct derivation from Latin.[3][4] Related with chiffer, see cognates at صفر.


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siffra c

  1. a single digit
    Den ursprungliga modellen med 10 siffrors kapacitet.
    The original model with 10-digit capacity.
  2. a figure, a numeral, a number, an estimate
    I Sverige skulle en förläggare ansett siffran acceptabel.
    In Sweden a publisher would have considered that number acceptable.
    Nedanstående siffror ge ett begrepp om granatkastarnas viktigaste egenskaper.
    The numbers below give an indication of the most important properties of the grenade-throwers.


Declension of siffra 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative siffra siffran siffror siffrorna
Genitive siffras siffrans siffrors siffrornas

Derived terms[edit]


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