sine die

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From the Latin sine (without) + diē, the ablative singular of diēs (a day). Literally meaning "without a day".



sine die (not comparable)

  1. Without specifying a date (for a future event); indefinitely.
    • 1860, Ellen Wood, East Lynne, Penguin 2005, p. 6:
      Years ago […] he might have retrieved his position; but he had done what most people will do in such cases—put off the evil day sine die, and gone on increasing his enormous list of debts.
    • 1979, André Brink, A Dry White Season, Vintage 1998, p. 105:
      In anticipation of Dr Hassiem's release the inquest of Mr Ngubene's death, originally scheduled for 13 April, was postponed sine die.

Derived terms[edit]



sine die

  1. sine die