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sissy +‎ -phobia


sissyphobia (uncountable)

  1. A prevailing negative reaction towards men who act in a feminine way.
    • 1974, John F. Oliven, Clinical sexuality: a manual for the physician and the professions
      Although a cultural reaction has begun to set in, sissyphobia still dominates present societal thinking which regards with diffidence most sensitivity, creativity, tender demeanor and confidingly close same-sex friendships in males.
    • 1993, Sue Wilkinson, Celia Kitzinger, Heterosexuality: a feminism and psychology reader (page 164)
      I have built my model from feminist tenets because, although as Doyle (1983), Herek (1987) and others have noted, sissyphobia is derived via projection from both misogyny and from homophobia []
    • 2009, Temple University. School of Communications and Theater, Communication abstracts (volume 32, issue 1)
      Rather than merely producing a simulacrum of past decades, however, this synthetic utopia rewrites the Israeli masculinity and effeminates the cultural national agenda in regard to the politics of effeminacy, sissyness, and sissyphobia []


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