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From skimp +‎ -y.



skimpy (comparative skimpier, superlative skimpiest)

  1. Small or inadequate; not generous, or of a garment, very small, light, or revealing.
    Have you ever seen such a skimpy bikini?
    They served a pretty skimpy portion of ice cream as the free birthday dessert.



skimpy (plural skimpies)

  1. (Australia, Western Australia) A barmaid who wears little clothing. [From 1988.]
    • 2000, Australian Journal of Mining, page 2,
      It's a curious mix: weatherworn miners, fresh faced bankers, and a couple of g-stringed skimpies.
    • 2007, Terry Carter, Lara Dunston, Perth & Western Australia, Lonely Planet, page 159,
      For an anthropological experience, the front bar at the Exchange Hotel provides a window into some locals′ lives at all hours of the day, with skimpies, TV sports and mine workers chain-drinking.
    • 2010, Kathy Marks, Tears of the Sun, Robert Drewe (editor), The Best Australian Essays 2010, page 239,
      [] There are thirty-two hotels in Kalgoorlie, and only seven would have skimpies [scantily clad barmaids].’

Derived terms[edit]