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From a pseudo-English word of Japanese, スキンシップ (sukinshippu), forming English skin +‎ -ship, designed to rhyme with kinship.


skinship (uncountable)

  1. bonding through physical contact
    • 1994, Nicole Landry Sault, Many Mirrors: Body Image and Social Relations[1], Rutgers University Press, ISBN 9780813520803, page 311:
      In Mexico, interdependence among people in emphasized and expressed through cosleeping and "skinship." … A similar type of "skinship" also exists throughout Mexico—all one had to do is look at the way people walk or sit together. … women are always patting touching ...
    • 2015, LT Wolf, The World King (fiction), ISBN 978-1-312-37454-6:
      However, there were times that folks needed that skinship to feel hearten'd and Dan often felt when others had that need.


Usage notes[edit]

This word is mainly in use in Japan and South Korea and is rarely or never used by native English speakers.