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Etymology 1[edit]

Blend of sky +‎ highjack


skyjack (third-person singular simple present skyjacks, present participle skyjacking, simple past and past participle skyjacked)

  1. To steal or commandeer (hijack) an airplane, usually by threat of violence to the passengers.

Etymology 2[edit]

An artist on a skyjack

From the brand name Skyjack, from sky +‎ jack.


skyjack (plural skyjacks)

  1. A platform that can be raised using a hydraulic scissor lift.
    • 2003, Concrete International, vol. 25
      Concrete was placed continuously, with an observer in a skyjack above the column communicating with the pump operator to avoid overfilling[...]
    • 2007, Don Wallace, One Great Game
      A skyjack—a thirty-foot-high filming platform that rises on a hydraulic scissors lift—is in place, with a cameraman overseeing the practice.
Related terms[edit]