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Two main etymologies are 1) end, leftovers, same as slatt, 2) from sladda ‎(to slide, to skid), related to släde ‎(a sled, a sleigh). However, some meanings are a mix of the two: Komma på sladden, sladdbarn, meaning a trailing bonus chance, can refer either to leftovers or to the trailing sled. Compare Low German sladde ("cloth").

Rope's end, the sailor's term, has been used since 1736, coming Low German.

Clod crusher, the farming tool, has been used since 1695, also written slädd, from the verb sladda.


sladd c

  1. leftovers, remainder
  2. a rope's end
    turbanknop eller ormhufvud nyttjas på sladden af ett tåg för att stoppa det vid ett hål, så att sladden ej kryper ut
    turban knot or snakehead is used at the end of a rope to stop it at a hole, so the end doesn't sneak out
  3. an electrical cable, a cord
  4. an end of a film strip
  5. a trailing bonus chance, an extra
    Bland innehållet märkes för övrigt ett porträttgalleri över Götaverkens gudmödrar, där även en fadder fått komma med på sladden.
    Among the content is also noticed a portrait gallery of the godmothers of Götaverken (ship wharf), where also one godfather was included as a bonus.
  6. a clod crusher, a farming tool
  7. a driveway groomer, a road construction tool for maintaining gravel roads
  8. a skid, a sled-like movement of a wheeled vehicle


Related terms[edit]


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