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From the same stem as the verb slapt (to be(come) wet), with an extra j (cf. Lithuanian šlãpias).[1]


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slapjš (definite slapjais, comparative slapjāks, superlative visslapjākais, adverb slapji)

  1. wet (containing, having absorbed moisture, water or some other liquid; having moisture, water or some other liquid on its surface)
    slapjš dvielis, lakatswet towel, scarf
    slapjas drēbeswet clothes,
    slapjš sienswet hay
    slapjas pludmales smiltiswet beach sand
    slapja malkawet firewood
    slapjas loga rūtiswet window panes
    slapjš tvaikswet steam (= steam with water droplets)
    slapjš sniegswet snow
    seja viņam spīdēja slapja no lietushis face shone wet from the rain
  2. (of weather; syn. mitrs) wet, humid, rainy (characterized by increased rainfall, or by increased amounts of water vapor)
    slapjš laikswet, humid weather
    slapja vasara, slapjš rudenswet summer, wet fall
    slapjš mežswet, humid forest
    slapja ielejawet, humid valley
    slapja pļavawet, humid meadow
    slpaja istabawet, humid room
    slapjš pagrabswet, humid basement




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