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slash +‎ -y


slashy ‎(comparative slashier, superlative slashiest)

  1. Involving lots of cutting with blades, or swordwork.
    • 2008 March 25, Zach Welhouse, “Starring Sephiroth and Some Other Chumps”, RPGamer:
      Fans of all things feathered and slashy have the rest of the month to obtain a PSP, if they don't yet have one.
    • 2004 March 25, “Pick up those blades and fight”, Toronto Star:
      Blade Warriors the game reviewed today is the first Onimusha game to come with a play style of its own It is a slashy fighting game with clanging swords
  2. resembling a slash (the punctuation mark)
    • 2009 June 22, Ted Dziuba, “Opera Software reinvents complete irrelevance”, The Register:
      It was written by a fellow named Hans S. Tommerholt, and I apologize to you all, but there's actually a slashy thing through the first "o" in his last name,
  3. wet, having wet ground, slushy
  4. making a movement akin to swiping a sword.
    • 2002 June 21, Owen Gleiberman, “The Bourne Identity”, Entertainment Weekly:
      Matt Damon, playing an assassin without a cause, gets to show off some very deftly timed martial-arts moves, flipping his limbs around with the slashy percussive precision of ninja nunchakus.
    • 2002 March 24, Gary Lambrecht, Baltimore Sun[1]:
      "He is a very slashy player. Every time a shot goes up, I have to find him and know where he is at all times because he is a great offensive rebounder..."
  5. darting, running in a zigzag motion
  6. of a work of art, done in the style that suggests the painter was slashing the canvas with a paintbrush
    • 2007, Julie Halpern, Get Well Soon page 88
      In the last hour we've managed to do ten [drawings] total (I did six in a more abstract, slashy style, and she did four, neatly and precisely). I've never really done any kind of art outside of school, except for writing.
    • 1988 May 1, Bill van Siclen, “Bailey's 'realism' is really something else His 'tablescapes' are deceptively simple”, Providence Journal:
      most contemporary art Bailey gives us images of classical order and balance In place of slashy brushwork and sludgy paint he gives us solid figures and uminous color.
  7. slushy, uber-romantic