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  1. present participle of sledge


sledging (countable and uncountable, plural sledgings)

  1. The act of using a sledge to travel over snow.
    • 2012, Chris Turney, 1912: The Year the World Discovered Antarctica, page 19
      In 1831 the naval officer James Clark Ross led the British effort north by sledging out from his ice-bound ship, HMS Victory; after several weeks travelling with Inuit companions he succeeded in finding his compass needle sitting upright.
  2. The act of using a sledgehammer to bend or crush an object.
    • 1905, "The "Lap-Joint Crack" in Steam Boilers", The Locomotive, new series 25: 162
      It is necessary, therefore, to force the ends to the proper curvature, either by sledging, or by some other equivalent means;
  3. (cricket) The practice of a fielder making insulting or comical references to an opposition batsman with the aim of distracting him


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