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From sleek +‎ -en.



sleeken (third-person singular simple present sleekens, present participle sleekening, simple past and past participle sleekened)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To make or become sleek.
    • William Morris
      Now I have had my gird at thee, my servant, I must tell thee that in sooth it is not all for nothing that thou hast had these months of rest; for verily thou hast grown more of a woman thereby, and hast sleekened and rounded much.
    • 2000, Thomas A. Easton, Stones of Memory (page 11)
      He tried to imagine them sleekened and breasted, not just the daughters of peasants such as he had known when he was young and a peasant himself but succubi of the sort he had once resisted in the night, and he felt nothing.