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Alternative forms[edit]


From the same stem as Latvian slīdēt ‎(to slide) and slaids ‎(slender, slim): Proto-Baltic *slid +‎ -ens, from Proto-Indo-European *sleidʰ- ‎(slippery, to slide). A dialectal variant slids ‎(slippery), without the suffix, also exists (compare Lithuanian slidùs ‎(slippery)).[1]


slidens (def. slidenais, comp. slidenāks, sup. visslidenākais; adv. slideni)

  1. slippery, slick (with a surface that has little attrition)
    slidens ceļšslippery path, road
    slidena virsmaslippery surface
    slidens parketsslippery flooring
    slidenas kurpju zolesslippery shoe soles
    slidenas kāpnesslippery stairs
  2. (figuratively) slippery, slick (associated with risk, with difficulty)
    slidens pasākums — a slippery, difficult enterprise, project
    diezgan slidena dzejas problēma — the rather slippery problem of poetry


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


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