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Alternative forms[edit]


From the same stem as Latvian slīdēt (to slide) and slaids (slender, slim): Proto-Baltic *slid +‎ -ens, from Proto-Indo-European *sleidʰ- (slippery, to slide). A dialectal variant slids (slippery), without the suffix, also exists (compare Lithuanian slidùs (slippery)).[1]


slidens (def. slidenais, comp. slidenāks, sup. visslidenākais; adv. slideni)

  1. slippery, slick (with a surface that has little attrition)
    slidens ceļš‎ ― slippery path, road
    slidena virsma‎ ― slippery surface
    slidens parkets‎ ― slippery flooring
    slidenas kurpju zoles‎ ― slippery shoe soles
    slidenas kāpnes‎ ― slippery stairs
  2. (figuratively) slippery, slick (associated with risk, with difficulty)
    slidens pasākums‎ ― a slippery, difficult enterprise, project
    diezgan slidena dzejas problēma‎ ― the rather slippery problem of poetry


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


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