slime mold

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slime mold (countable and uncountable, plural slime molds)

  1. Any of various primitive organisms, a naked mass or protoplasm in diverse taxonomic classifications:
    1. protists of the Amoebozoa
      1. syncytial or plasmodial slime molds in subclass Myxogastria (syn. Myxomycetes)
      2. cellular slime molds in order Dictyosteliida
      3. in order Protostelida.
    2. protists of the order Acrasida
    3. Parasitic rhizarian chromists of the order Plasmodiophorida
    4. The slime nets, of the class Labyrinthulea of chromists
    5. Cellular slime molds of the genus Fonticula, in a sister group of the Fungi.

Derived terms[edit]