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  1. plural of slop (South Africa) Rubber thong sandals.
  2. plural of slop Scraps that will be fed to animals, particularly to hogs.
    I don't mind slopping the hogs, I just mind the stench of the slops.
  3. (in the plural, nautical, dated) Clothing and bedding issued to sailors
  4. (in the plural, nautical, dated) Sailors’ breeches ending just below the knees or above the ankles, worn mainly in XVIII century
    • 2012, Nelson's navy, by Philip Haythornthwaite, page 26:
      The original "slops" were voluminous breeches of about knee length, reminiscent of 17th century "petticoat breeches", worn with stockings; these continue to be depicted as late as 1790s, but trousers, first introduced as slop-clothing in 1720s, were more functional and more popular.
  5. (in the plural, dated) The dirty wastewater of a house.
    (A direct quote from: 1897 Universal Dictionary of the English Language, v 4 p 4310)