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  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈbɛdɪŋ/, [ˈbɛɾɪŋ]
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɛdɪŋ

Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English bedding, beddyng, from Old English bedding (bedding), equivalent to bed +‎ -ing.


bedding (countable and uncountable, plural beddings)

  1. The textiles associated with a bed, e.g., sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, blankets, etc.[1]
    Synonyms: bedclothes, bedlinen
    • 1950 April, Timothy H. Cobb, “The Kenya-Uganda Railway”, in Railway Magazine, page 263:
      Hire of bedding, and food in the restaurant cars is cheap, and passengers are officially encouraged not to tip company's servants—but they do.
  2. (Britain) The textiles associated with the bed, as well as the mattress, bedframe, or bed base (such as box spring).[2]
  3. Any material used by or provided to animals to lie on.
    Synonym: litter
  4. (geology) A structure occurring in granite and similar massive rocks that allows them to split in well-defined planes horizontally or parallel to the land surface.
  5. (horticulture) The temporary planting of fast-growing plants into flower beds to create colourful, temporary, seasonal displays, during spring, summer or winter.
Derived terms[edit]


  1. ^ “Bedclothes – Definition”, in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary[1], Merriam-Webster, accessed 15 December 2011
  2. ^ Oxford English Dictionary: "A collective term for the articles which compose a bed, esp. the mattress, feather-bed, or other article lain upon, and the bed-clothes."

Etymology 2[edit]

From bed +‎ -ing.



  1. present participle and gerund of bed



From Middle Dutch beddinge. Equivalent to bed +‎ -ing. This etymology is incomplete. You can help Wiktionary by elaborating on the origins of this term.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbɛ.dɪŋ/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: bed‧ding


bedding f (plural beddingen, diminutive beddinkje n)

  1. bed of any body of water; riverbed, seabed.
    Duikers onderzochten de bedding van de zee op zoek naar scheepswrakken.Divers explored the seabed looking for shipwrecks.
    De rivier heeft in de loop der tijd zijn bedding veranderd.The river has changed its riverbed over time.
    Er zijn veel onontdekte soorten in de diepe oceaanbedding.There are many undiscovered species in the deep ocean bed.
    Synonym: bed
  2. floor or frame on which an artillery mount or gun carriage is deployed
    • 1871, F. H. W. Kuypers, Geschiedenis der Nederlandsche artillerie van de vroegste tijden tot heden, vol. 2, publ. by Adolf Blomhert, page 232.
      De bedding was niet langer dan het affuit. Achter de bedding werd de aarde vast aangestampt zoo ver als het stuk achteruit liep.
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(bed of a body of water):


  • Indonesian: bédéng, bèdèng