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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English bedclothys, plural of Middle English bedcloth, bedclothe, bedde clothe (bed-cloth, bedding), from Old English bedclāþ, beddclāþ (coverlet, blanket, bedding, bedclothes), equivalent to bed +‎ clothes.


bedclothes pl (plural only)

  1. Sheets, blankets, quilts or other coverings used on a bed.
    She pulled the bedclothes over her neck to stay warm.
    • 2013, Candida Lycett Green, Over The Hills And Far Away, →ISBN:
      When she was little and I went to see her in bed, I often thought she wasn't there. She lay so neatly and so straight, without a ruckle and with her head just under the top of the bedclothes.
  2. Clothing worn to bed.
    Tom put his bedclothes on and went to sleep.