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Blend of slut +‎ whore


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slore (plural slores)

  1. (Internet slang, derogatory) A very sexually promiscuous person.


  • 1997, Mr. Luvseoul, in,, and [1]
    Gorgeous Bare Slore ~ALERT
  • 2001, Maevele S.A. Straw, in [2]
    I believe I did hear something to that effect on tv a year or so ago, when I hardly knew who this christina slore was.
  • 2002, ATP, in [3]
    The girl did not look like a slore, she looked fairly wholesome in every other regard.
  • 2003, John Henry, quoted in [4]
    I'm sitting here wondering why isn't propagating and Google isn't carrying it, and suddenly I download the control message and see this idiot fuckwit slore has rmgrouped it - because "2 days is not long enough for a proper discussion in alt.config."
  • 2004, Morgan Vening, in [5]
    But you don't often hear about Nicky. Whereas locally, the slore gets pasted across the media constantly.
  • 2005, Yersinia Pestis, in alt.skate-board [6]
    Raven - "Hmm, sounds like my kinda slore."