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Alternative forms[edit]


From smilt(is) (sand) +‎ -ains, with t > š via (irregular) palatalization.


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smilšains (smilšainais comparative, smilšaināks superlative, vissmilšainākais adverb, smilšaini)

  1. sandy (which contains sand)
    smilšaina augsne, zemesandy soil, earth
    smilšains mālssandy clay, loam
    smilšains dolomītssandy dolomite
  2. sandy (having a sandy base or ground; covered with a layer of sand)
    smilšains ceļš, pakalnssandy road, hill
    smilšains liedags, smilšaina pludmalesandy beach
    smilšaina upes gultnesandy river bed
    smilšains silssandy pine tree
  3. sandy (dirty, covered with sand)
    smilšaina lāpstasandy, sand-covered shovel
    smilšaini zābakisandy boots
    smilšainas kājassandy feet
    smilšaina grīdasandy floor
    smilšaina ielasandy road, street
    smilšaini kartupeļisandy potatoes


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]