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snubby (plural snubbies)

  1. A revolver with a barrel length of 3 inches (76.2 mm) or less.
    • 2015, B. Gil Horman, “The Return of the Ruger SP101.327 Fed. Mag.,” American Rifleman, 17 June, 2015,[1]
      Accessories for this version of the SP101 are not as diverse as those available for the five-shot snubby, but excellent add-ons are available.



snubby (comparative snubbier or more snubby, superlative snubbiest or most snubby)

  1. Short, stumpy.
    • 1842, William Makepeace Thackeray, “Peg of Limavady” in The Irish Sketchbook, lines 69-72,[2]
      Both have mottled legs,
      Both have snubby noses,
      Both have—Here the host
      Kindly interposes:
    • 1939, George Orwell, Coming Up for Air, Chapter 7,[3]
      Well, for more than five years that was me—an alert young chap with a round, pink, snubby kind of face and butter-coloured hair []
    • 2000, R. Z. Sheppard, “Follow the Paper,” Time, 28 February, 2000,[4]
      Armed with snubby flintlock and limber blade, Weaver does his crime busting in London during the second decade of the 18th century.
    • 2006, L. J. K. Setright, Long Lane with Turnings: Last Words of a Motoring Legend, London: Granta Books, p. 36,[5]
      There was not much of it: the wheelbase was only ninety inches and the track precisely half of that, with a little cast-iron side-valve engine of 918cm2 cowering in the depths beneath the snubby bonnet.