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From stump +‎ -y.


  • IPA(key): /ˈstʌmpi/
  • Audio (US):(file)
  • Rhymes: -ʌmpi



stumpy (comparative stumpier, superlative stumpiest)

  1. Like or resembling a stump; short and cut off.
    • 2017, David Walliams [pseudonym; David Edward Williams], Bad Dad, London: HarperCollins Children’s Books, →ISBN:
      “That’s better. Gilbert Goodie! I should have known it was you. The one-legged layabout. The uni-ped idler. The stumpy skiver. Stealing coins from a wishing well now, are we? You couldn’t make it up!”
  2. Full of stumps.
    a stumpy forest

Derived terms




stumpy (countable and uncountable, plural stumpies)

  1. (slang) An amputee who has lost a leg.
    Synonym: limby
    • 1976 -, Victor Cohn, Sister Kenny: The Woman Who Challenged the Doctors, →ISBN, page 63:
      Many of the cricketers were amputees, yet they were not without resources. The "wingies" did the running for the "stumpies," and the "stumpies" did the batting for the "wingies."
  2. (uncountable, slang, obsolete) Money.
    • 1881, T. Lewis O. Davies, Thomas Lewis Owen Davies, A Supplementary English Glossary, page 630:
      Down with the stumpy; a tizzy for a pot of half-and-half.

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  • (money): 1873, John Camden Hotten, The Slang Dictionary