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From French sociologie, a term coined by Auguste Comte in 1834, from the Latin stem socius (associated with), found in societas (society), and Ancient Greek λόγος (lógos, word, study), with the suffix -ia (Latvian -ija).


socioloģija f (4th declension)

  1. sociology (science that studies the patterns according to which human societies and their components develop and function)
    jaunatnes socioloģijasociology of youth
    ģimenes socioloģijasociology of family
    personības socioloģijasociology of personality
    mākslas socioloģijasociology of art
    darba, ražošanas socioloģijasociology of work, of production
    izglītības socioloģijasociology of education


Derived terms[edit]