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des souches (1)


From Middle French souche, from Old French çoche, from Vulgar Latin *tsucca, from Gaulish *tsukka, from Proto-Germanic *stukkaz (stock; stump). Cognate with Catalan and Spanish soca, Sicilian zuccu. More at English stock.


  • IPA(key): /suʃ/
  • (file)


souche f (plural souches)

  1. stump (of a tree)
  2. (viral) strain
    une souche virale inédite a fait au minimum vingt morts
    an unknown viral strain has caused at least twenty deaths
  3. (by extension, linguistics) root
    un mot de souche latinea word originating in Latin
  4. (by extension, genealogy) origin
    un Américain de souchesomeone of American origin
  5. (by extension, genetics) founder

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