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spadger (plural spadgers)

  1. (dialectal or colloquial) A sparrow.
    • 1961, Margery Allingham, Three cases for Mr. Campion, p. 82:
      The broadcasting blokes are twittering away like spadgers over there.
    • 1977, Roald Dahl, "The Swan"
      'If you think spadgers is easy,' the father said, 'go get yourself a jenny wren. Jenny wrens is 'alf the size of spadgers and they never sit still for one second. Get yourself a jenny wren before you start shootin' yer mouth off about 'ow clever you is.'
  2. (colloquial) A boy.
    • 1970, Donald Harington, Lightning Bug:
      He laughs and says, “My, you sure talk brash, for such a little spadger.”