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sparkly +‎ -s


sparklies pl (plural only)

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  1. (informal) Things that sparkle; gems.
    • 2008, Heather Vogel Frederick, Goldwhiskers (page 27)
      "Fetched us a good haul of sparklies last night, did our young Twist," said the rat.
    • 2013, Jackie Walker, ‎Pamela Dittmer McKuen, Expressionista
      You Can Find: T-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts; flip-flops; feather boas; hats and caps; beads, pearls, stones, charms, jewels, appliqués, studs, sparklies, and hardware for making your own jewelry []
  2. (television) A kind of interference pattern on analogue satellite television, caused by a signal that is either too weak or too strong.
    • 1993, Mark Long, Jeffrey Keating, The world of satellite TV (page 179)
      Once the C/NR of the incoming satellite signal reaches +2 or more dB above the threshold rating of the receiver, the last few stray sparklies disappear and the video appears to be totally clear.
    • 1999, Eugene Trundle, Newnes TV and Video Engineer's Pocket Book (page 96)
      One of the most common troubles with a satellite home unit is sparklies, as shown in Fig. 4.8.