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Alternative forms[edit]


From spear +‎ tip.


speartip (plural speartips)

  1. The tip, end, or point of a spear.
    • 1996, David F. Pelly, David F. Pelly:
      Our eyes caught it at the same moment, right at our feet: a perfect stone speartip.
    • 2001, R. A. Salvatore, The Dragon King:
      The speartip rushed ahead in three rapid thrusts, but Luthien managed to parry and dodge, shifting his hips out of harm's way each time.
    • 2010, Peter V. Brett, The Desert Spear: Book Two of The Demon Cycle:
      He could not forge the men of the North into a weapon against demonkind without first tempering them as the smith's hammer did the speartip. Women screamed as Jardir's men tempered them in another fashion. Another necessary evil.

Related terms[edit]