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speculative ‎(comparative more speculative, superlative most speculative)

  1. Characterized by speculation; based on guessing or unfounded opinions.
    • 1907, Robert W. Chambers, chapter I, The Younger Set:
      "Don't dare laugh at us!" smiled his sister. "I wish we were back in Tenth Street. But so many children came [] and the Tenth Street house wasn't half big enough; and a dreadful speculative builder built this house and persuaded Austin to buy it. Oh, dear, and here we are among the rich and great; and the steel kings and copper kings and oil kings and their heirs and dauphins. Do you like the house?"
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    • 2015, Paul Wilson, Alexis Sánchez sends Arsenal into final after gallant Reading go the distance (in The Guardian, 18 April 2015)[1]
      Little seemed on when Sánchez cut in from the left and sent a speculative low shot through a crowd of players, but though Federici had it covered he could not hold on to the ball and it squirmed over the line through his legs.
    • 2011 June 4, Phil McNulty, “England 2-2 Switzerland”, BBC:
      Tranquillo Barnetta was the grateful beneficiary of uncertain England defending and poor goalkeeping from Joe Hart as he twice saw speculative free-kicks end in the back of the net in the first half.

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  1. Feminine plural form of speculativo




  1. vocative masculine singular of speculātīvus