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From speed +‎ -ing.




  1. present participle of speed


speeding (not comparable)

  1. Travelling very fast; moving at speed.
  2. Specifically, travelling at an illegal speed (of vehicles, motorists).
    We were overtaken on the inside by a speeding motorcyclist.
  3. Under the influence of the drug speed; high on amphetamines.
    • 2010, Patti Smith, Just Kids, Ecco 2010, p. 112:
      Bob Dylan composed “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” on our floor, and a speeding Edie Sedgwick was said to have set her room on fire while gluing on her thick false eyelashes by candlelight.



speeding (countable and uncountable, plural speedings)

  1. (countable) (Instance of) acceleration.
    • 1826, Roger North, The Lives of the Right Hon. Francis North, Baron Guilford; the Hon. Sir Dudley North; and the Hon. and Rev. Dr. John North
      [] a hearing, with a file of orders in the solicitor's bundle, as big as the common-prayer-book, for commissions, injunctions, publications, speedings, delayings, and other interlocutories; all dear ware to the client in every respect.
    • Oliver Sacks, Awakenings
      We have seen Parkinsonism as sudden starts and stops, as odd speedings and slowings.
  2. (uncountable) Driving faster than the legal speed limit.
    He was fined $100 for speeding.