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From Ancient Greek σφαλερός (sphalerós, treacherous) +‎ -ite, named in 1847.[1][2]


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sphalerite (plural sphalerites)

  1. (mineralogy) A yellow, brown or black, sometimes red, green white or colorless mineral with cubic crystals, of a chemical formula (Zn,Fe)S, often containing also minor metals, such as cadmium, gallium, germanium and indium.[1]
    • 2009 February 6, Jamie J. Wilkinson et al., “Anomalously Metal-Rich Fluids Form Hydrothermal Ore Deposits”, in Science[1], volume 323, number 5915, DOI:10.1126/science.1164436, pages 764-767:
      The Monte Cristo and Philadelphia sphalerites have similar mean Pb concentrations (80 ppm) that are lower than the Lucky Dog sphalerites (119 ppm).



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