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Alternative forms[edit]


Apparently made up to resemble a word of Latin origin.


spiflicate (third-person singular simple present spiflicates, present participle spiflicating, simple past and past participle spiflicated)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To confound, silence or dumbfound.
  2. (transitive, Provincial, obsolete) To beat severely.
  3. (transitive, slang, obsolete) To stifle, suffocate, kill.
    • 1837, Richard Barham, The Ingoldsby Legends:
      So out with your whinger at once, and scrag Jane while I spiflicate Johnny
  4. (transitive, obsolete) To ruin, destroy.
    • 1932, Dorothy L. Sayers, Have His Carcase:
      It completely busts up and spifflicates the medical evidence

Related terms[edit]


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