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Etymology 1[edit]

From Latin spīnētum.


spinny (plural spinnies)

  1. Alternative spelling of spinney
    • Charles Kingsley
      The downs rise steep, crowned with black fir spinnies.

Etymology 2[edit]

spin +‎ -y


spinny (comparative spinnier, superlative spinniest)

  1. (informal) Associated with spinning; moving with a spinning motion.
    • 1997, DAN Seemiller, M Holowchak, Winning Table Tennis: Skills, Drills, and Strategies - all 3 versions »
      The sound at contact should be solid and crisp, not “spinny.”
    • 2003, Ian S. Ginns, Stephen J. Norton, and Campbell J. McRobbie, "Adding Value to the Teaching and Learning of Design and Technology", in Pupils Attitudes Towards Technology Annual Conference June 2003, p 115-118
      “It is a spinny thing with wires in it, with the wires wrapped around something (coil) and N and S (unsure what N and S were)."
    • 2006, J Purkis, Finding a Different Kind of Normal: Misadventures with Asperger Syndrome
      Then you got a double whammy - your eyes were full of orange and your head was spinny and dizzy.

Etymology 3[edit]

Compare spiny.


spinny (comparative more spinny, superlative most spinny)

  1. (Britain, dialect, obsolete) thin and long; slim; slender

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