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Alternative forms[edit]


From spiritual +‎ -ize.


spiritualize (third-person singular simple present spiritualizes, present participle spiritualizing, simple past and past participle spiritualized)

  1. To make spiritual; to invoke spirituality.
  2. To refine intellectually or morally; to purify from the corrupting influence of the world; to give a spiritual character or tendency to.
    • 1851, Thomas Carlyle, The Life of John Sterling
      This seen in the clear air, and the whole spiritualized by endless recollections, fills the eye and the heart more forcibly than I can find words to say.
  3. To give a spiritual meaning to; to take in a spiritual sense; opposed to literalize.
  4. (chemistry, obsolete) To extract spirit.
  5. (chemistry, obsolete) To convert into, or impregnate with, spirit.


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