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  1. present participle of spread
    • 2013 May 10, Audrey Garric, The Guardian WeeklyUrban canopies let nature bloom], volume 188, number 22, page 30:
      As towns continue to grow, replanting vegetation has become a form of urban utopia and green roofs are spreading fast. Last year 1m square metres of plant-covered roofing was built in France, as much as in the US, and 10 times more than in Germany, the pioneer in this field.


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spreading (plural spreadings)

  1. The act by which something is spread.
    • 1991, Samuel D. Robbins, Wisconsin Birdlife: Population & Distribution Past & Present (page 579)
      Small numbers [of meadowlarks] remain on farms in the southern counties throughout the winter, usually relying on fresh manure spreadings for food when snow covers the fields.