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From read +‎ -ing.


  • enPR: rēd'ĭng, IPA(key): /ˈɹiːdɪŋ/, [ˈɹiːɾɪŋ], /ˈɹidiŋ/, [ˈɹiɾiŋ]
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  • Rhymes: -iːdɪŋ



  1. present participle of read


English Wikipedia has an article on:

reading (countable and uncountable, plural readings)

  1. The process of interpreting written language.
  2. The process of interpreting a symbol, a sign or a measuring device.
  3. A value indicated by a measuring device.
    a speedometer reading.
    • 2019, VOA Learning English (public domain)
      He noted that fine dust readings have been higher in Seoul than in Beijing recently. 
  4. An event at which written material is read aloud.
    a poetry reading.
  5. An interpretation.
    a reading of the current situation.
  6. Something to read; reading material.
  7. The extent of what one has read.
    He's a man of good reading.
  8. (legislature) One of several stages a bill passes through before becoming law.
  9. a piece of literature or passage of scripture read aloud to an audience: readings from the Bible
Derived terms[edit]
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