squeeze out

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squeeze out (third-person singular simple present squeezes out, present participle squeezing out, simple past and past participle squeezed out)

  1. (transitive) Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see squeeze,‎ out.
    Squeeze out some toothpaste and put it on your toothbrush
  2. (transitive) To force a competitor out of one of a limited number of winning positions by taking over that position or a higher one
    I auditioned and I would have had the role, but I got squeezed out by a more experienced actor
    They came from nowhere to take over second place, squeezing out the previously eighth-place team
    • 2011 November 3, David Ornstein, “Macc Tel-Aviv 1 - 2 Stoke”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      Huth headed wide inside two minutes, Andy Wilkinson blasted over from Shotton's cut-back and Jones was squeezed out when bearing down on goal.
  3. (transitive) To obtain a difficult victory in a competition
    The team managed to squeeze out a win in the final minutes