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  1. present participle of stagger


staggering (comparative more staggering, superlative most staggering)

  1. Incredible, overwhelming, amazing.
    The army suffered a staggering defeat.
    • 1960 December, Voyageur, “The Mountain Railways of the Bernese Oberland”, in Trains Illustrated, page 754:
      It is this stretch which provides what is perhaps the most staggering scenic prospect of all; the impression made on the mind by the overwhelming height of the Eiger, towering over the train, is almost impossible to describe.
  2. Lurching, floundering.

Derived terms[edit]




staggering (plural staggerings)

  1. The motion of one who staggers.
    • 1837, Memoirs of Mirabeau (in The Westminster Review, volume 26, page 436)
      There are to whom the gods, in their bounty, give glory: but far oftener it is given in wrath, as a curse and a poison; disturbing the whole inner health and industry of the man; leading onward through dizzy staggerings and tarantula jiggings []
  2. The condition of being staggered or amazed.
    • 1738, Ebenezer Erskine, The Annals of Redeeming Love
      But these doubts, and fears, and staggerings, although they may be in the believer, yet they are not in his faith; these things argue the infirmity of his faith, indeed; but under all this, faith is fighting for the victory []
  3. In animation, the repetition of a sequence of frames to show struggling effort
An example of the animation technique "staggering" as seen in "The Dover Boys" (1942, dir. Chuck Jones)