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From the verb phrase stand in.


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stand-in (plural stand-ins)

  1. A person of similar size and shape to an actor who "stands in" for that actor during the lengthy process of setting up a shot, but who, unlike a double, does not appear in the film.
    They used a stand-in to set up the lighting so that the actor did not have to be there during the lengthy process.
  2. A substitute.
    • 2011 October 23, Tom Fordyce, “2011 Rugby World Cup final: New Zealand 8-7 France”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      France's own stand-in stand-off Trinh-Duc missed with a drop-goal when well set but then set off on a curving run through a scattered defensive line which carried him deep into enemy territory until Weepu's desperate tap-tackle finally brought him down.


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