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Back-formation from statistics.


  • IPA(key): /stəˈtɪstɪk/
  • (file)


statistic (comparative more statistic, superlative most statistic)

  1. Alternative form of statistical



statistic (plural statistics)

  1. A single item in a statistical study.
  2. A quantity calculated from the data in a sample, which characterises an important aspect in the sample (such as mean or standard deviation).
  3. A person, or personal event, reduced to being an item of statistical information.
    By dying from an overdose, he became just another statistic.


  • (person, reduced to item of information): number


Derived terms[edit]



statistic (third-person singular simple present statistics, present participle statisticking, simple past and past participle statisticked)

  1. (transitive) To analyze or describe using statistics.
    • 1912 April 13, W. Kee Maxwell, “A Cold in the Head”, in The Judge, volume 62,, number 1591:
      This is the only subject in the world which has not been statisticked, which is another proof of scientific neglect by the investigators.
    • 1926, Earning a Living by the Pen, page 81:
      When you get us all neatly docketed and statisticked, where will you put me?
    • 1935, Advertising Fortnightly - Volume 25, page 64:
      Statisticked, are thirty other estates, ranging from that of a Mr. Morrison who has only one house, one garage, 65 stables, 2 kennels, 480 cattle, and 1250 acres, to the little hideaway of William Woodward which boasts 29 houses, 90 horses, 100 cattle, one tennis court, 26 vehicles, and 2200 acres.
    • 1943, American Society of Planning Officials, Planning, page 68:
      The proposals can be broken down to easily understood issues, they may be developed, illustrated, "statisticked,” to whatever point is necessary.
    • 1970, Sudha R. Shenoy, Under-development and Economic Growth, page 16:
      The direct empirical knowledge of these circumstances, available to individuals involved in production, cannot be quantified, statisticked or otherwise frozen for the central planner's use.
  2. (intransitive) To cite or calculate statistics.
    • 1925, National Safety Council, Proceedings of the National Safety Council Annual Safety Congress, page 136:
      When a fellow quits statisticking for a while, they say, "Oh, haven't you one more statistic?”
    • 1966, The Negro American - Volume 2, page 299:
      I ran into what to me is the most horrible statistic I have ever run into in some thirty-five years of statisticking.
    • 1953, New York Herald Tribune Book Review - Volume 30, Part 1, page 6:
      A lot of books about the Rape of the Land have shouted or wheedled or statisticked at us.
    • 1994, Lila R. Gleitman, Barbara Landau, The Acquisition of the Lexicon, page 14:
      Some substitute for negative evidence, such as counting, and statisticking, is required.
  3. (transitive) To comprise (as statistics)
    • 1962, Frank Graham, Dick Hyman, Baseball Wit and Wisdom: Folklore of a National Pastime, page 82:
      The afternoon game was pitched by Walter Johnson and was the start of the sixteen-game winning streak which statisticked that one in Boston, four in St. Louis, four in Chicago, four in Detroit, three in Cleveland and none for the little boy who lives down the lane.




statistic m pl

  1. plural of statistich



Borrowed from French statistique and German statistisch. Equivalent to stat +‎ -istic.



statistic m or n (feminine singular statistică, masculine plural statistici, feminine and neuter plural statistice)

  1. statistic, statistical


Related terms[edit]