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stochastic +‎ -ally.



stochastically (comparative more stochastically, superlative most stochastically)

  1. In a stochastic manner; by means of a process involving a randomly determined sequence of events.
    • 1838, Ralph Cudworth, John Allen, editor, A Treatise of Freewill, [...] Now First Edited, from the Original MS., and with Notes, London: John W[illiam] Parker, West Strand, OCLC 946613547, pages 39–40:
      That is when we have no clear and distinct conception of the truth of a proposition (which is the knowledge of it and can never be false) we may notwithstanding, extend our assents further and judge stochastically, that is opine, this way or that way concerning it, and that sometimes with a great deal of confidence and assurance too.
    • 1954, Gordon W[illard] Allport, “Selective Quantitative Techniques”, in Gardner Lindzey, editor, Handbook of Social Psychology, volume 1 (Theory and Method), Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley, OCLC 769043792, page 317, column 2:
      In the table the scores from group A are stochastically smaller than those for B, C, or D because group A always has at least as many scores at or below a particular number as any of the other groups. Similarly, the scores from group B are stochastically smaller than those from group C.
    • 1973 October, J[ames] C[lement] I. Dooge, “Lecture 1. Hydrologic Systems.”, in Linear Theory of Hydrologic Systems (Technical Bulletin; no. 1468), Washington, D.C.: Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, OCLC 421658671, page 8:
      In still other cases, the state of the system is stochastically determined or else assumed to be stochastically determined, that is, determined by a random factor.


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