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stoke +‎ hold


stokehold (plural stokeholds)

  1. (nautical) a chamber where a ship's furnaces are stoked.
    • 1887, Various, Scientific American Supplement, No. 598, June 18, 1887[1]:
      Yarrow's patent water tight ash pans are fitted to each boiler, to prevent the fire being extinguished by a sudden influx of water into the stokehold.
    • 1918, Harold Bindloss, The Buccaneer Farmer[2]:
      A plume of smoke went nearly straight up from the funnel, and now and then the clang of furnace-slice and shovel rose from the stokehold, for Mayne hoped to float the vessel next tide.
    • 1922, Harry Kemp, Tramping on Life[3]:
      The noise and roar of the engines was ever in my ears, and the peculiar ocean-like noise of the stokehold ... and the metallic clang of coal as it shot from shovels....