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storm +‎ -er


stormer (plural stormers)

  1. Someone who storms.
    • 1871, John William De Forest, Overland[1]:
      Did you ever hear of Coronado, the conqueror of New Mexico, the stormer of the seven cities of Cibola?
    • 1903, Cicero, The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Volume 4[2]:
      That is a contrary definition, which is laid down in opposition to the actions which those who are the hearers of the speech have done; as if any one were to be speaking before Alexander the Great against some stormer of a city, and were to say that nothing was more inhuman than to destroy cities, when Alexander himself had destroyed Thebes.
    • 1997 September 5, Michael Miner, “Knight-Ridder's Labor Daze/ Sun-Times for Sale?”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      Hochberg has a reputation as a stormer, and he'd already been hounding the Chicago papers to print happier news about his company.
  2. (informal) Something very loud and powerful, such as a song or a car.


Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


stormer m

  1. indefinite plural of storm



  1. present of storme